Vehicle Mounted Telescopic Lifts

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Vehicle Mounted Telescopic Lifts

When it comes to on-board platform, workspaces and process groups are business tools that can differ considerably. Vehicle mounted telescopic platforms offer different models with different features . Work machines with telescopic platforms mounted on the top of the work vehicles for the purpose of transferring the materials or loads in the weights determined according to the capacity that can be used from different angles such as vertical and horizontal, to the preferred distance, are called on-vehicle telescopic platforms. In these vehicles, platforms can be fixed as well as integrated into different tracked vehicles or integrated on vehicles with flat rubber wheels, providing ease of use.

Working principle of vehicle mounted telescopic platforms

Vehicle-mounted telescopic platforms provide the movement of lifting and lowering loads and materials, up and down or laterally in terms of mobility. This process provides the movement of the telescopic platform on the vehicle, which is connected to the crane, by means of the engine trigger and the pump. Crane types, which have this working principle, perform their mobility according to their general usage areas by means of two separate control arms. There is an on-vehicle telescopic platform for mobility and steering, thanks to these 2 control levers. There are 4 balance mechanisms in the general working principle of cranes that can be used with on-board telescopic platforms. These are called balance arms. Thanks to these balance arms, before starting the lifting process, the crane starts to lower the balance arms, which we call the opening movement, and in this way, the crane with on-vehicle telescopic platforms is balanced and ready for the load to be transported without any problems.

What are the types of vehicle mounted platforms?

Types of on-board cranes; It is produced in different types such as telescopic vehicle platforms , boom lift platforms , human lifting platforms . There are platform types suitable not only for work material or cargo but also for the transportation of people or living things. If we look briefly at the types of on-board cranes;

On-board crane with collapsible boom; When we look at it as a transport volume, it is a crane type whose average transport volume can vary between 5 and 20 tons. If the mechanism in its foldable part is opened and used, the crane has the capacity to carry loads from 5 meters to 15 meters in height. Thanks to the stabilizers on both sides of the crane, it is a very safe and frequently preferred model. The collapsible boom truck cranes with maximum efficiency are very useful tools .

Telescopic truck cranes ; The telescopic truck crane type is a crane type with a higher carrying capacity than the collapsible boom truck crane. Telescopic truck cranes can be preferred to transport heavier and larger tonnage materials. The transport volume of on-board telescopic cranes has a scale between 10 tons and 60 tons. The telescopic truck crane type, which initially starts at a length of 10 meters and then has a lifting capacity of up to 20 meters, is a very useful and preferred reason for large-scale works. Telescopic truck cranes, such as truck cranes with foldable booms, also have side legs to provide stability. Thanks to these side legs , usage is very safe .

Truck cranes with human lift platform; Truck mounted cranes with human lifting platform have the same working principle as the telescopic truck crane and the collapsible boom truck crane model. The only difference is that it has a human lifting feature, so its weight carrying capacity is lower in kilograms compared to the telescopic truck crane and the collapsible boom truck crane type. Human lifting platform truck cranes have a weight carrying capacity starting from 200 kilograms and going up to just one ton. In terms of height, it can start from 4.5 meters and serve up to a length of 25 meters.